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About Us

Let us assist you in achieving a life MOST WORTH LIVING!

Wellnessentials is a total service provider for your personal and organizational mental health needs. We work hand-in-hand with individuals and organizations to help everyone make better choices to achieve a life most worth living. Our mission is to promote mental health literacy and increase accessibility to mental health services. 

Our organizational mental health solutions are co-designed with you through the development of mental health programs and organizational assessment. 

We are a team of licensed mental health practitioners with extensive experience in corporate, clinical and school settings. 

We ensure direct, personalized, science-based, and pragmatic solutions. 

Your Journey to Wellness in
Easy Steps


Mental health begins with awareness.

Our mental health literacy program includes webinars and mental health toolkits that ensure everyone in your organization is critically informed about the basics of promoting mental health and wellbeing.


We are all in this together. Through in-depth training, let us equip your organization’s members with the necessary skills to practice self-care and to extend mental health first aid to those who require immediate attention.


Find out what's really going on.

In an organization, people are the most invaluable component. Discover your organization’s mental health climate while identifying individual employees who may need early intervention through our comprehensive assessment of your organizations’ needs. Let's base our decisions on the right data.


Sometimes, it's more than what you can handle. In such cases, a referral is the way to go. Through our individual and group e-counseling, coaching, and consultation services with licensed psychologists and counselors, we can best address the needs of employees who may require specialized interventions.

Meet the Director

Wellnessentials is led by Dr. Nino Jose Mateo. He holds a PhD in Counseling Psychology, is a registered counselor, licensed psychologist, and certified Choice Theory/Reality therapist and Instructor. His experience in both academic and corporate settings provides him with a broad perspective on all aspects of the mental health practice — from individual coaching and counseling to design and implementation of mental health programs.

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